Friday, November 21, 2008

I made a promise with myself.

I'll go see the Twilight movie at the 2nd run theater. I will not go see it tonight, this weekend, or possibly even in 2008. If it doesn't make it to the 2nd run theater in Logan Square then I will Netflix it. I am not excited about this movie. I am NOT excited about this movie. The power of cheese compels me! The POWER of Cheese compels me!
Actually, that bit about not being really excited is true. I'm so tired of the word Twilight and reading all the reviews, commentary, and talkityblahtalk that I actually am wishing the series had never been written. I wasn't a librarian at the time of the Harry Potter phenom and I wonder if I would have liked the books as well as I do had I been. *For those of you on an awkward watch:awkward sentence for the win!*

And just so this is not just another post about Twilight. I will pose the question, what is your favorite book made into a movie? And have you ever found a movie that you actually liked MORE than the book. I have, Last of the Mohicans for me is a killer movie, but when I read it I found the it to be a long tedious " classic (read: somehow we accept inherent racism because it is old?) book you read for school" type novel.


  1. I think Nick and Nora was a great adaptation. It held true to the characters but took a little independence in becoming it's own.

  2. I don't think I've ever liked a movie MORE than a book, but I thought the most recent film of Charlotte's Web (where Julia Roberts voices Charlotte) did a great job capturing the sweetness and magic of the book.

  3. I haven't seen either of these adaptations yet. I will put them on my list of things to see!

  4. I came here looking for a prom invite < eyelash batting > but I want to deposit my two cents on this topic.

    "Like Water for Chocolate" is my favorite book to movie. I loved both.

    I also liked "A Clockwork Orange" both ways.

    I am hoping to enjoy "Breaking Dawn" the movie. I wasn't crazy about the book.