Monday, November 17, 2008

Another random thought about fans.

More musings on fandoms possibly brought to you by the fact I am fan who frequently gets made fun of for her major fandom (the band once know as A Fire Inside if you must know) because it is a fandom that seems to be mostly centered around a much younger crowd these days.And my fandom mostly ever centered around the online fan group The Despair Faction. But I was there for a long time, and a part of it. So I wonder, do S.R. Ranganathan's laws apply to fandoms as well.
1. Fandoms are for use.
2. To every fan their fandom.
3. Every fandom has its fan. (If Legally Blonde: The Musical has an active fandom, anything can.)
4. Save the time of the fan.(Perhaps by having links on our library website to fandom resources?)
5. (or fandoms generally) is/are a growing organism.

Actually these make sense to me. I like it. I think I might be stealing some or all of this from the fandom presentation I saw at YALS. But, I'm really tired and feeling weird after delving to far into Kafka on the Shore.

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