Saturday, June 28, 2008

The good, the bad, and the authors.

There are two authors (besides Meg Cabot who I've already reviewed here and can't take back) that I despise above all else, and despite their high reverence amongst the rest of the reading world I refuse to read another word they've written. Ayn Rand and Henry Miller are their names. It isn't that I think that either of them write filth or have horrible ideas. It is that their writing seems to me to be so utterly self-serving and full of self-worship that I can't wrap my head around anything else they are trying to say.

I'm not posting this to say that other people shouldn't read these two writers. I firmly believe there should be no judgment made on the reading tastes of others. What I would like is an argument convincing me of their high worth (and consequently why I should give them another try) from someone other than my high school AP English teacher, Bobby Y.

On a more positive note, a short list authors you may one day see reviewed here (in no particular order):
Neil Gaiman
Jennifer Weiner
Louise Voss
Richard Peck
Jennifer Cruisie
Michael Connelly
Nancy Martin
Sarah Waters
Melissa Banks
Dave Barry
Susanna Clarke
Junot Diaz
Stephen Chbosky
Chuck Palahniuk
Chris Crutcher
Kurt Vonnegut
Gregory Maguire
Nick Hornby
Michael Chabon
Zadie Smith
Caleb Carr
Sharon G. Flake
Craig Thompson
And so on...

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