Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dear Zachary.

I just finished this movie five minutes ago. It took a minute to get into. Did I really want to watch what was beginning to look a lot like an MSNBC special report? It was even produced by MSNBC!

Then I forgot what the film seemed like and just watched. In horror and in awe I couldn't stop watching. Tears haven't even dried up yet. Kate and David and Kurt and Andrew and Zachary affected my life and my sense of well being. The films from Kurt and Andrew's youth look like films I've made with my friends. You know or you are people like them. Just hope nothing so horrible is ever allowed to happen in your life.

Also, I blame Canada.

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  1. Canada is just as devastated by this and has given both the film and Kurt a lot of deserved attention and praise to get the word out.
    People only blame Canada because they need somebody to blame since it is too hard to handle by itself and need to direct the anger somewhere.