Friday, October 10, 2008


I was feeling a bit disconnected from everything recently. It wasn't serious, but I think I needed some time to recuperate from Major Life Changes (even good ones are disconcerting) and so a little while ago I shut off from everyone a bit. Too personal? Sorry. There is a reason that I'm telling you this though. That reason is Sherman Alexie's "Flight." I have to say I wasn't expecting a book breach my disconnect, though it seems like when I crawl inside myself this way, books are how I usually find my way back out. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Though my experience in life is about as far away from the disaffected "hero" of Flight as can be fathomed. "Zits", as our hero is known, is an unreliable narrator.Though if he is lying to us, or lying to himself, it is hard to say. He's had a tough life, one of the toughest imaginable. His telling of his past, by the way, rings true...even played down a bit. But on the brink of doing something terrible Zits finds himself flying into the bodies of other people. He finds himself on numerous sides of a variety of issues and really feeling the connections of humanity in the worst/best way possible. And as he starts to trust people his connection to people outside of himself grows. Alexie is brutally honest, and brutally optimistic at the same time.

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